I have several concoctions going on both real and in my head. A second batch of Pimento Dram, the Ginger infused rum, some creative math to recreate an old peach pit flavored liqueur – all in various stages of development. To keep us satisfied while those perk along, I cracked open a wonderful bottle of wine again. I had been searching for this one since I read a review for it back in July 2007: Château Larose-Trintaudon 2004. A French Bordeaux from the Haut-Médoc.

We’re partial to Bordeaux around here because it has so many wines to offer. There’s the standard reds, sometimes Cabernet sauvignon based, sometimes Merlot, there are dry whites for summer and sweet desert whites that can age forever. A few rosés even come out of the region, although not to the quality of the southern French rosés we’re drinking now.

Back to the wine at hand. It was $18.50 at the Harris Teeter in south Asheville, but I’ll bet could be had for less. It’s a wine to keep in mind over the next year or two and be on the look out for. It is distributed widely and seems to be a favorite of the people who buy for grocery stores. For the longest time all I ever saw was the 2003 version of this wine. Last week though, I stumbled onto a bottle the vintage I wanted to try.

Bordeaux (good Bordeaux) is enjoyable because it has black fruit flavors with acidity that makes the wine crisp and cleansing. The better ones also smell and taste of more than one thing – some fruit, but also some herbal notes, some oak, some tobacco. They’re interesting. This one has all that, plus soft tannins that make it enjoyable now without the astringency some young Bordeaux wines can have. (note: the picture is a bottle of the 02, not the 04 I’m discussing)

This is one to keep an eye out for over the next year or so-