Big Day – the 75th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition. It seemed to pass unnoticed in these parts. I stopped into my local wine shop and drew a blank from the guys there (although they got a little excited when they heard about it). The fellow pouring wine tastes at my next stop at the grocery store was equally unaware. I also stopped in the ABC store for some ingredients and didn’t bother to mention it. Nobody ever seems too happy to be at work there. I guess it’s just another civil service job. Oh well. Drank an Aviation and tried another recipe from the Cafe Royal Cocktail Book. This one was a mix of Sherry and silver rum with just a touch of lime. I used a dry sherry (the wine store acquisition today). Not the best. It needs something sweet. Maybe an Amontillado next time. I didn’t finish it, and went to another old one I hadn’t tried yet – the Black Velvet. It is half Guinness and half champagne. Not bad. The champagne really dominates the flavor profile. This would be one to try again with more aggressively malty / chocolaty micro-brewed stouts.

(I know Champagne is the stuff from Champagne and the stuff I used is from Napa. It is a mixer, so I think I’m okay with my selection)