Came across this recipe on the Plymouth Gin site while looking up info on my newly acquired bottle of Plymouth Sloe Gin. It has a Martini vibe going on.

Blackthorn English

25 ml sweet vermouth
8 drops orange bitters
35 ml Sloe Gin
25 ml Plymouth Gin

Stir with ice and strain

I suppose you could punt and just use an ounce (30 ml) of each ingredient, but I wanted to stay true to the recipe. That meant using my 100 ml graduated cylinder as a measuring vessel. It worked alright.

The drink was interesting. The nose is the earthy vermouth. The taste is a bit sweet and dominated by berry flavors from the Sloe Gin.  It’s one to sip either before or after a meal. I may try dry vermouth in the next one to see if it tones down the sweetness.