It’s a little past six weeks now from when the wild picked blackberries went into there respective alcohol baths. The start of the saga is here. I strained the infused vodka and the blackberry cassis today. There wasn’t too much sediment. One pass through a double layer of cheesecloth got the little that there was. It worked great and took just a few minutes, not the hours that the coffee filter treatment seems to take.

What a treat. Beautiful rich color in the liquid with a strong, true blackberry aroma and mild taste. I continued to follow the recipe for the cassis, adding sugar syrup to the liquor. We compared it to some true French (Dijon) black currant cassis I had opened a few weeks back. It was a favorable comparison.

The creme de cassis is on the left. It is darker in color and wasn’t quite as alcoholic. Amateur Cocktail Gal picked up on that.  I used 100 proof vodka for my infusion and added a fairly concentrated sugar syrup. I suspect the final alcohol level is around 30-35% for the blackberry. The flavor of the blackberry liqueur was also a little less intense. Very enjoyable though because it is a more familiar, local flavor.

I made a half recipe from what the original called for. That gave me one and half wine bottle’s worth which should be plenty. If not, we’ve got around 5 pounds of berries in the freezer to tide us over to next July.