Take this review with a grain of salt. I like Mela. I like the food (and its price), I like the environment and I like the wine list (not exhaustive, but some good matches for food that is hard to pair with wine). A great place to go and hang out, and yes, to see and be seen. Our latest visit was a week or so back. In my role as self-appointed cocktail maven, I decided to eat at the bar. The bar is a nice place to sit, we were by the window. The back bar is fun to look at. They have about 80 different bottles to pour from and seemed to reach for the good stuff for the drinks we watched be prepared. I ordered off the cocktail menu rather than try an old standard. Once again, my review is based on that one drink – the Ginger Mojito. It seemed appropriate for the place and the food that was coming. I like ginger, and putting some in a Mojito seemed like a neat idea. The problem was, the ginger flavor came by way of a spoonful of ground ginger stirred into the drink. It turns the drink into a muddy mess. Ginger root is very fibrous. Bits of it got trapped in my teeth and between my cheeks and gums. I watched the same addition to another drink served up in a martini glass. I didn’t look to see if that one was finished.

I was sitting there thinking how easy it would have been to use a ginger syrup as the sweetener, or even ginger ale in place of the club soda. What I got wasn’t very enjoyable.

One postive benefit – after thinking of ways to improve the drink, I decided that simply criticizing someone doesn’t cut it. I need to be consturctive. Watch this space. For every drink I have that I don’t like, I’m going to take some time and try to make it on my own. I want to see if I can tweak the recipe to make it worth drinking again.

Next stop, The Flying Frog’s Grand Marnier Cosmo