The latest experiment was prompted by a couple of recent visits to South Carolina. If you grew up there, you know that July is peach season. Peach cobbler, peach ice cream, cut up peaches for breakfast. With my current focus, peach liqueur seemed like a good idea. A little searching turned up this recipe. The proportions seemed right. I wanted a little more final volume, so I used 2 and 1/2 pounds of peaches and three cups of liqour all together. We made another trip down this past weekend. More peaches so one more batch. This time I used Bourbon instead of brandy (actually used Cognac instead of brandy because I had some of the former). One other tweek to the recipe: I used 2/3 cup of fructose dissolved in a cup of water instead of the full cup of sucrose called for. It makes sense to me to use fruit sugar for a fruit liqueur. Fructose has greater sweetness per measure than sucrose, so I cut down the amount a bit. If the final product is not sweet enough I’ll add some Agave syrup or honey.

Tonight I strained the first batch and started the second. Here’s the result:

Couple more weeks and I’ll have a tasting of Cognac-Peach Liqueur vs. Bourbon-Peach Liqueur. I’ll have to dig through some old Southern Comfort recipe guides to come up with a cocktail recipe or two.